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Boredom is the neediness for something "exciting" to happen. It's the craving for drama. It's the attachment/addiction to experiencing physical sensations. It's the desire to satisfy the physical senses. It's the wantingness to satisfy animal urges, rather than spiritual peace. It's the choosing of a temporary instant gratification, over long term well-being. Boredom is the choosing of pleasure over peace, because peace is perceived as being "boring". It's the urge to DO something in hopes of finding happiness, instead of simply BEING that something (happiness).

Boredom is the inability to accept life for what it is, as it is in this very moment. Boredom is the inability to see the beauty of the world, as it is right now. It's the unwillingness to see the perfection of what's right in front of our faces. It's the faulty judgemental egoic opinion that something is "wrong" with existence. Boredom is the absence of acceptance, and the rejection of contentness. It's the neediness to change the situation because the mind refuses to be happy with what is. Boredom is the refusal of happiness in this very moment. When the mind is needy, there always has to be something more. With boredom, things always have to be different than how they already are. Boredom is intolerance and discrimination. Boredom is the absence of love.

Boredom is the anticipation of what could be, but isn't. It's the looking forward to what doesn't exist in reality. It's the indulgence in an illusionary dream of imagination, and the escaping of reality.

Boredom is a form of anxiety and stress. Boredom determines many of our erroneous actions, and is therefore the source of much of our suffering. Boredom is a psychological problem that is best to be let go of. When one lets boredom take control of them, one is never satisfied (happy/content).

Boredom is the false notion that happiness lies outside oneself. It's born from the unawareness that happiness can simply be chosen at all moments of life, despite life's circumstances. Boredom happens because of ignorance and unconsciousness. Boredom is the result of a lack of truth. Boredom is a negativity. Boredom creates problems.

Boredom is the identification with the autonomous cellular neural functioning/activities/thinkingness of the physical brain, instead of the identification with the formless spiritual awareness that silently observes the mind's automatic functioning/thinking from an "outside" perspective.

Boredom is the worry that something is being missed out on. It's the fear of doing nothing. It's the fear of silence, or more specifically, the fear of the silence of your own mind. It's the fear that one's life will come to an end if one stops thinking. It's the fear that the "me", "myself", and "I" might die. Boredom is the fear of death because the automatic thinkingness of the mind is falsely identified as being "me".

When one takes control of the mind (lets it go), instead of being controlled by it, boredom becomes non-existent, and happiness/joy/contentness/peace then becomes permanent, instead of just temporary. When one's happiness is no longer limited to only when experiencing external phenomena, one realizes that the true source of happiness is, and always has been, found and experienced within, as a choice. Happiness is an inner choice, right here, right now, and always, no matter what life's external happenings are. The outer becomes completely irrelevant as one becomes immersed in this permanent inwardly experienced happiness/joy/bliss/ecstasy. And this profoundly ineffable bliss/ecstasy/peace is far beyond any physical sensation that one could possibly imagine (and yes, that includes sex). All that one has to do is refuse the mind's activities, and choose to be it.

Boredom can't be quenched. It can only be let go of.

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