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The ego/mind always wants to change what currently is.
The ego/mind always wants to make things different from how they already are.
Look inside, watch the mind, and you'll see it's true.
Rehashing the past, looking forward to the non-existent future, incessant babbling.
Does this sound like peace (of mind)?
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

What creates suffering for every individual?
The inability to accept what currently is, no matter what that might be.
The neediness to change what is.
The neediness of thoughts, thinking, and emotions.
Desire, wantingness, craving, attachment, addiction, neediness, selfishness.
The little me, myself, and I.
The ego/mind.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

There's no reason to control anything.
There's no reason to manipulate anything.
People confuse force as being power.
True power relies on nothing whatsoever.
True power is self-sustaining and needs nothing.
Only when we let things be will peace (of mind) be found.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

The world does not need to be saved, for it is an illusion created by our collective and individual thoughts.
This world is a school for evolving one's own consciousness.
If all is connected, and All is One, then we change the world because of what we are, not just because of what we do.
We change the world in far greater unseen ways because of what we are, as opposed to what we do.
Do, but without doing.
Change yourself, and you change all.
Save the world by saving yourself.
Save yourself by losing the needy little self.
Lose the needy little self and realize the self-sustaining all-encompassing all-knowing Self. (Awareness)
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

Trying to control and manipulate things is giving more power to the ego/mind's neediness.
Our true nature has no wants, nor needs.
Our true nature is already utterly whole, complete, and perfect beyond description.
How can that which is already Infinitely Everything have any wants or needs?
How can something as simple as Pure Awareness have any wants or needs?
How can The Essence of all things have any wants or needs?
We only want or need anything because we identify the body and the ego/mind as being "me".
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

Our true nature never suffers for it is changeless, unmanifested, formless, and beyond physicality.
It is No-Thing, yet Infinitely Everything, yet beyond both because both are mere concepts.
Make the change from that which changes, to that which is changeless.
Those who are the same when faced with pleasure or pain will realize their true nature.
Those who accept what currently is have found the Peace of the Self.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

So why are these words being written if it's not what we do that really makes the difference?
Because "others" can't find their true nature if they are not told how.
The desire to help and explain this to others isn't the same kind of desire.
This kind of desire isn't needy.
It is a desire without desire.
It is a desire of selflessness.
Help is offered but whether or not it's accepted is of no difference whatsoever.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.

The I was let go of once, and the splendor of Truth in all its magnificent glory was revealed.
But it wasn't permanent.
The I didn't die because of its selfish neediness for self-existence.
Still working on letting go of the I, and this selfless writing helps with that.
But when individual will is surrendered there is no I to claim doership.
This writing is the consequence of waiting, listening, allowing, surrendering, silence, "receiving", being, and knowing.
Everything is happening spontaneously on its own as an automatic karmic consequence of what one is.
Let it go. Let it Be. Let the All Be.
And above all, let the I die.

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