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Do you ever experience sudden epiphanies, brilliant ideas, flashes of insight, or moments of profound genius?
If not, there's only one reason - you're too caught up in your current thought processes, ideas, views, opinions, beliefs, and emotions.
Let them go. You may not be aware of it, but those thoughts are a major hindrance to you.
Nobody can know the truth, or the next level of truth, as long as they think they already know the truth.
Get out of the way, and all the unsolved riddles, mysteries, and answers of the universe will be yours.
The thought and feeling of "I don't know" (at all times) will bring about radical beneficial changes.
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

And whatever you do, don't take credit for those epiphanies and brilliant ideas.
You did not make them happen. They happened by themselves when the mind was out of the way.
They wouldn't have happened if "you" (the mind) was still occupied with it's own so-called "truth".
They happened in the absence of the mind.
They happened in the absence of a personal individual you.
All-Knowingness comes from Silence. Silence is All-knowing.
What are epiphanies? It's the real "you" shining through.
The real "you" is the All-Knowing Silent Awareness that shines forth when that which is in the way, is out of the way.
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

The only possible way you can know everything, is if you are Everything.
Awareness is all-knowing because it's all-encompassing.
The knower and the known are one and the same.
Subject and object are one and the same. This and that are one and the same. Here and there are one and the same.
All is One, which is Awareness, which is the real "you". All is Self.
If you are Everything, then there is no individual "you" to take credit for anything. You are not the doer.
Does the still, silent, unchanging Awareness that is aware of the mind's activities have shape or form of any kind?
No. How can it? If Awareness is Infinitely Everything, then it's beyond physicality, and therefore time and space.
The mind doesn't know, it only thinks it does. Only Awareness truly knows because it is that which is to be known.
The mind can do nothing but know ABOUT something intellectually. Do you see the vast limitation of the mind?
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

There is no individual to experience epiphanies because that would involve a "this" experiencing a "that" (subject and object).
There is no "other" to experience/perceive when there is only One, and that One is Self.
There is only Awareness that is capable of being Aware of Itself, as Infinitely Everything beyond physicality.
If Awareness is Infinite, then the evolution of becoming Self-Aware is also Infinite.
And the ego/mind with its intellect thinks it's so smart. Hilarious! Divine comedy at its best.
This physical world is like kindergarten. Look at all of the selfish negativities the mind/world perpetuates and thinks is "truth".
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

Awareness doesn't do anything. It is Everything.
That which is utterly whole and complete in and of itself has absolutely no need to do anything.
What would there be for it to do? What could it possibly experience if it's already Infinitely Everything?
Stop trying to be the doer, and allow the stillness of Awareness to take over.
Stop trying to meditate, and allow "yourself" to be meditated.
No effort is the best effort.
Awareness just Is, so just Be. Stop thinking, and just be Aware.
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

If Awareness is Infinity beyond physicality, then the mind, body, and world are an illusion.
This greatest epiphany of all comes when the mind is permanently silenced once and for all.
It's such a profoundly radical change that no words can even come close to doing it justice.
But this step is only for those who no longer want to be identified with the mind and body.
It's only for those who are willing to die for Infinite Awareness.
You can't be Infinite Awareness if you are (identified with) the mind and body.
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

All bodily sense perceptions are irrelevant. All thinking is pointless. All words are meaningless.
Peace is the consequence of being Infintely Everything. Ineffable Love (not the emotion) is the nature of Awareness.
All emotions are physical chemical reactions. All suffering is from the identification of being the physical.
All worries are unreal. All fear is an illusion.
Get out of the way. Let go. Give up. Surrender.

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