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It's not about me.
The ego generally doesn't like to hear things like this.
The ego is selfish by nature; that's what it is. It is selfishness.
Spirit/Awareness is selfless by nature; that's what it is. It is selflessness (love).
To cover up this truth, the ego focuses on survival so it can stay selfish.
Competition feeds greed (selfishness) and the fear of surviving (death).
Co-operation feeds kindness (selflessness) and the helping of others to survive.
If everybody lived for the sake of others, nobody would be left out, and everybody would survive with ease.
It's not about me.

The ego will justify its actions by whatever means it can, for the sake of its own selfish survivial.
It re-arranges perceptions so that neediness is disguised as "wants".
It blames outside phenomena for its own perceptions about that phenomena.
But if one is watching the ego, and is aware of it, then one is not the ego.
One is the silent non-judgemental Awareness that is aware of the ego, and its thinkingness and perceptions.
But how could consciousness ever see the errors of the ego as long as it is identified with being the selfish ego?
It couldn't. And so, an Enlightened teacher who has gone beyond the ego is required to light the way.
Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. - Albert Einstein
Problems of the mind cannot be solved at the level of the mind.
It's not about me, because the selfish ego isn't me.

If one isn't the ego, what is there to fear? Surviving and death? Certainly not.
Watch the mind. That Awareness is changeless, timeless, formless, and infinitely eternal. It has no beginning or end.
That which is timeless, is eternal.
That which is changeless, cannot change.
That which is formless, cannot die.
For many, it's a relief when the realization is made that they don't exist for themselves.
All the struggling, all the suffering, all the trying to get and gain things for oneself; it's all in vain.
It's all out of the false identification with the selfish ego of change, which can die.
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Mahatma Ghandi
It's not about me, because the selfish ego isn't me.

Selflessness (love) is the answer to all things.
Working for the benefit of others, instead of for the money, is selflessness.
You don't necessarily have to change what you do. You just have to change the reason of why you do it.
Eating for optimal health so that one can serve others exponentially, instead of eating for pleasure, is selflessness.
When you change the reason why you do something, what you do do, changes automatically.
Overcoming neediness, cravings, and addictions is far simpler when one lives for the sake of others rather than for oneself.
It's not about me.

Eat for optimal health and vitality, and there will be enough energy for oneself, and for others.
Work for the benefit of others, instead of for the money, and the money will come automatically (karma).
Stop worrying (creating karma), and there will be no worries (karma).
Live a life of simplicity, and there will be few complications.
Live a life free of neediness, and you will have no needs.
Choose to be happy, whole, complete, and at peace, and you will always be happy, whole, complete, and at peace.
Stop trying to make yourself appear better than others (egoic pride), and others will think you're the best.
Change yourself to the changeless, and you change the world as a result.
Be the still, silent, non-judgmental, non-labeling, unchanging Awareness, and you won't be the selfish ego.
It's not about me, because the selfish ego isn't me.

That which changes (ego) is relative. That which is changeless (Awareness) is absolute.
Which level of truth do you wish to be? Relative or absolute?
Even the wantingness to be Awareness is still a neediness of the selfish ego.
You are already the Awareness that is aware of that wantingness.
Want nothing. Need nothing. Think nothing.
Just be aware, always.
It's not about me, because the selfish ego isn't me.

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