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1. Love is not an outside source. It is not something that just happens to you. It is not to be found, or sought after. It is already inside you. You make Love happen to yourself by loving others and by being Love yourself.

2. Relationships "fail" because people are searching outwardly for happiness and love. We are meant to share and give the happiness and love that we ALREADY ARE, with others. In doing so, it grows constantly and continuously within the one who is giving and sharing it. Love is experienced by being it yourself. Love is experienced from within which means the source of it is within.

3. Love is not a fluctuating unstable emotion. Love is not greed, possession, attachment, jealousy, anger, blame, pride, righteousness, vanity, apathy, shame, guilt, fear, control, judgementalism, neediness, infatuation, or desire. That which is selfish can't be Love.

4. Love is good intent. Love is service. Love is selfless. Love is trust. Love is respect. Love is good will. Love is forgiveness. Love is acceptance. Love is unconditional. Love is non-selective. Love is pure. Love is Divine. Love is Eternal. Love is a way of being. It's the full blown radical forgiveness and acceptance of absolutely everything, as it is right now in this very moment, always.

5. Love is the answer to all things.

6. Love is an INFINITE resource. It cannot be exhausted or used up. The more you give, the more you are able to give. The more you love, the more you can.

7. Love is a law of the universe. Nothing could exist without it. Competition fuels greed and makes people fear for their personal survival, which creates the world's problems. Co-operation and living for the benefit of each other dissolves the world's problems. The human body is only able to exist out of the co-operation of the individual cells which make up the collective community of the larger whole, and those cells can only exist in a healthy state of well-being when they are provided with the proper energy and resources.

8. Love is not the emotional and physical kind between a man and a woman that most people know it as. That kind of love is quite often based on greed, possession, owning, attachment, jealousy, lust, and control, all of which are selfish attributes, so it's not really Love at all. You cannot have or own another person because we were all created to be free. True happiness will never form in a relationship based on these things.

9. There is only one possible kind of relationship that works; one of Love. All else is false and will not lead to happiness.

10. Life is about Love and neutrality. Not love and hate. Neutrality is a form of tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness, which is Love.

11. Love should not be given because you expect something in return. It is done out of selflessness. It's not about getting. It's about giving with no thought of reward. Not even a "thank you" should be needed or expected. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Love for the sake of loving.

12. In becoming a better person yourself, you will be helping others in turn. This is a kind of selfish selflessness that benefits oneself and all others, and is therefore not actually selfish at all. Help others by changing yourself.

13. There is no longer a "special" individual to love when one loves all equally and unconditionally. Nobody and nothing is "special" when all is equal, and if all is equal then nobody is "more important" than anybody else. Real Love is all-encompassing. It's not selective, it's not choosy, it's not picky, it's not fussy, it's not judgemental, it's not discriminatory. Real Love, when unobstructed by false individual opinions, beliefs, perceptions, thought processes, and emotionalism is unconditional and non-selective, no matter what.

14. There is really only one obstacle in life. Selfishness/vanity/ego is it's name. All problems and suffering stem from the selfishness/vanity/ego of the mind. If you can overcome yourself, then there is nothing left to do.

gold sun Karma Is

1. Karma is a learning device, not a punishment. Karma is very beneficial. It helps us come to the realization of what is actually beneficial and what is actually harmful so that we can let go of what is harmful and negative, and so that we can adopt what is beneficial and positive. Karma can be of the positive or negative kind.

2. That which supports life by ways of Love, is automatically supported because of works through karma and balance in the universe.

3. By loving "others" you will then be Loved and you will always receive that which you need in life. Therefore sacrificing yourself, isn't even a sacrifice.

4. You can only receive as much Love as you give. By loving others you are loving yourself.

5. Evil, anger, aggression, and hate are not the opposite of Love. They are the absence of Love. Love is being masked and covered up by false negative perceptions, views, opinions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, and thought processes of the ego/mind.

6. God is Love. Love is the one and only thing It does. But It doesn't "do" love, It just IS love. Evil exists because WE (ego/mind) choose to create it, and we choose to create it because we are ignorant and unaware of the truth. Just as Love comes back to us, so does evil. This is absolute balance and perfection in the universe. If God interfered and forced us to be a certain way, we would no longer have freedom, and God would no longer be Love. God accepts and forgives all for what they choose to be because Love is It's very nature. People are ignorant and unaware of the truth because they don't want the truth. People prefer to think that their own individual opinions and beliefs are "truth".

7. Karma, balance in the universe, the law of attraction, what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, everything comes full circle, or the ebb and flow, is in effect 100% of the time. How would it be possible for it to be in effect only some of the time? EVERYTHING is karma.

8. There is no such thing as chaos, accidents, co-incidences, flukes, luck, or random events. Every little minute thing that happens to an individual, or group, is the result of our own past doings and thought processes, either in this physical life, or in past ones.

9. In actuality, there is no "cause" of anything. There are only effects and automatic consequences of one's own past actions, choices, perceptions, views, attitudes, feelings, intentions, opinions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, and thought processes, which are based on unawareness.

10. The key to realizing all of this for oneself is to let go of EVERYTHING one currently "knows", to live continuously more selflessly, and to be truly grateful for everything, thus becoming humble, egoless, and Love. In order to truly know, instead of only knowing about, one must be that which is to be known.

11. When you live a life of selfless Love, everything becomes common sense. Everything becomes self-evident. You will realize everything else is not of importance. Everything besides Love becomes completely irrelevant. All fears become non-existent. You will be set free of all troubles. You will be set free of illness. You will be set free of your karma. You will learn what true joy, happiness and Love are and you will feel them for all Eternity.

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