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Are you tired of the endless contridictory health information out there? Is it possible that health, or being healthy, is far simpler than we've come to believe?

For those who already have the simple understanding that the human body is a self-healing mechanism, and that the body can heal itself of virtually anything when stressful negatives are let go of and positives adopted, this information is nothing new. For those who don't yet understand, it was said even by Hippocrates, (460 BC - 370 BC) the "father of medicine", that diseases are the product of environmental factors such as diet and living habits. He also said "Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food."

24 hours a day the cells of the body are protecting, healing, repairing, regenerating, and rebuilding. What's the catch, and why isn't your body healing then? Because our cells are either in protective mode, or growth mode. It's one or the other. Cells can't do both at the same time. With this simple understanding however, even severely and chronically ill patients can heal.

The "search for the cure" is actually quite futile because the cure already exists, and it always has. There is nothing new about health, it has been around forever. Natural organic nutrition, and life sustaining energy, have been around for millennia. Organic nutrition has been supporting life for eons. The problem is that we humans have altered our foods into completely unnatural things with molecular structures that aren't even compatible with an organic system (the human body/cells). The cells that make up the body are then put under stress because they can't cope with the vast amount of unnatural things we continue to dump into our systems on a daily basis, and all matters of various diseases are the result.

Out of unawareness, we expect our cells to somehow suddenly be able to cope with things, that for millions of years previously, they had never before encountered. The continuously rising level of various degenerative diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) in North America show very clearly that the highly processed, altered, and modified foods in our grocery stores, and countless chemical toxins, are simply not compatible with the cells of our bodies.

Since man and his environment evolved together, they are perfectly compatible with each other. It's a symbiotic relationship based on co-operation. Manmade synthetics have been shown repeatedly to not be properly compatible with the cells that make up the body (drugs make healthy people sick). To be properly compatible with the cells/body, nutrients need to contain carbon, be carbon-bond, be wrapped in carbon, or in other words, be organic. This carbon-bond quality is the product of photosynthesis by plants. Organic material is something that has been (purely) derived from something living.

Virtually every degenerative disease, physical or mental, is the result of just one thing... STRESS on the body's cells. If cells are stressed out, naturally they will malfunction, and that equates to disease. The 3 things that put stress on the cells of the body are "toxins", a nutrient deficiency, and negative emotions. Whether it's a backache, headache, high blood pressure, various cancers, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer's, or pretty much anything else, it doesn't really matter... it's all cellular dysfunction due to stress on the cells of the body.

Disease is the absence of health because health is the body's natural state of being when the cells aren't subjected to (physical and/or emotional) stress.

The simple truth is that if we fix the cells, EVERYTHING else is fixed because the body IS a community of cells. Even the genes inside the cells turn on and off according to their environment (nutrients & energy). It's the cells that take the various building blocks of life (nutrients) and together in a co-operative manner make the body the whole functioning thing that it is. If we don't give the cells what they need, and subject them to what they don't want, the body of course fails at its overall optimal functioning.

When we allow the body to heal ITSELF with proper nutrition and positive peaceful emotions, it's very important to understand that the body can't create an entire body's worth of all new cells in one day. It's called a "degenerative disease" because it developed over time, and because disease doesn't suddenly happen in one day, it doesn't disappear in one day either.

Dieting isn't supposed to be something that one does temporarily. The body requires regular maintenance and care on a daily basis because the body is quite literally made of what nutrients (or lack thereof) that goes into it every single day. "Health is a habit, not an event."

People think they catch a cold or flu because of somebody else that had it, but in actuality, our own immune system was weak and susceptible to that illness because of our own negative lifestyle choices (which are based on unawareness).

Just as giving the cells the entire gamut of nutrients that they need in the first place will prevent disease from happening, giving the cells ALL the nutrients that they need will also cure disease after the fact. So, both preventing disease and healing disease are the exact same process. Preventing is giving the cells/body the proper materials to remain healthy, and healing is giving the cells/body the proper materials to become healthy. Whether it be for preventing or healing, the cells require the exact same materials.

For legal purposes however, it's important to understand that there is no "cure". We've all heard of silly laws. In Louisiana it's illegal to gargle in public places, and in Atlanta it's against the law to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp. There's also a law that states that the only thing that's allowed to be called a "cure" is a pharmaceutical drug. The positive side of this is that people who lack responsibility can't loosely throw that term around just for the purpose of selling their product and making money. The negative side of this law is that the "cure" does actually exist, and it's called "organic nutrition", "energy", "positive attitude", "peaceful emotions", "placebo effect", etc.

Everybody knows that prunes, or prune juice, is a "cure" for constipation, but if a company made the illegal claim that their product did that, the FDA would go storming in, that product would be taken off the market immediately, and the company would be taken to court. This doesn't particularly make sense, but that's how it is. This is a major flaw in our system, and because of this, the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry continues to make massive amounts of money while never-endingly "searching for a cure". Sometimes the ones we think are responsible, lack responsibility, and sometimes we follow the advice of those who we think know the truth, when in actuality they don't know the truth. Most doctors know very little about nutrition because they're not trained in it. Doctors go to medical school, not nutrition school. If people want medical advice, they go to a doctor. If people want nutritional advice, they go to a nutritionist, naturalpath, or holistic practitioner. Drugs have their place, but certainly not to the degree and extent that they are used today. So legally there is no "cure" for many of our diseases, but illegally, there is. It's all so ridiculously silly!

After all is said and done, being healed is simply a choice. To heal, stressful negatives must be let go of, and positives adopted. That's all there is to it; it's so absolutely simple. But that simplicity depends upon your mindset, and whether you feel you HAVE TO eat healthy, or whether you WANT TO eat healthy. It's the difference between "living to eat" and "eating to live" as Socrates puts it. If one believes the purpose of their existence is to satisfy the physical senses, then one will "live to eat". If on the other hand one believes the purpose of their existence is to improve oneself and help others, then one will "eat to live".

If your level of consciousness/awareness has reached the point where you want to "eat to live", the use of organic whole food Supersupplements is highly recommended.

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