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The Problem
"What's wrong with anger?" some people might ask. Well, as Buddha said, "Anger is it's own punishment." Anger sets off and releases all kinds of harmful chemicals (ie. adrenaline) in the body, which puts stress on the cells that make up the body, which weakens the body and sets one up for all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Any other negative emotion is the same. They all have effects and consequences, and this is so that we hopefully learn that anger is not the proper way to go about things. Eventually we come to the understanding that negative emotions only serve a purpose until it's realized that they don't serve a purpose.

Universal Laws
As for how to overcome anger, there are several things one could try. First off, a basic law of the universe is that "Whatever you put your focus on, you receive more of." In other words, we can't focus on the negative and somehow expect the opposite to happen. If you're thinking about overcoming anger, your focus is still on "anger". If you want to resolve anger, you have to focus on acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, respect, kindness, and compassion, towards oneself, and all others without exception. At your own pace of course.

Another basic law of the universe is that of "resonance". You are, or you become, whatever you surround yourself with. So as long as you surround yourself with other negative people, negative situations, negative places, negative television shows, negative music, etc., you yourself will be that too. You must adopt positives, and surround yourself with positives.

Lose Yourself
It also helps greatly to work for the benefit of others, at whatever capacity you're ready and willing to. It's a matter of losing oneself in the selfless service of others. As a result of losing oneself, the focus is no longer on oneself and one's problems, and so the problems dissipate and resolve themselves simply because energy and focus is no longer supporting and perpetuating them. Not only that, but, that which supports life is automatically supported because of karma and balance in the universe. When you look after others, your own needs are automatically met so there is absolutely no reason to worry about yourself.

Ego Games & Finding Peace
The simple key to cultivating acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion is to realize that EVERYBODY is suffering from a profound ignorance. This ignorance is the nature of the human mind. Our minds are literally unable to tell the difference between truth and falsehood, which is why everybody has different opinions and beliefs. Out of our unawareness, we are all innocent. Understanding this, you should be able to forgive all others and yourself instead of getting angry. Unless one is Enlightened and has dissolved all thought permanantly, and reached No-Mind, one is ignorant and unaware of the Truth.

It also helps to understand that all those frustrating situations that are "making me angry" are karma. They are your own past actions, feelings, thoughts, intentions, opinions, beliefs, concepts, perceptions, views, and attitudes coming back to you, and they're never going to stop unless you stop creating those things. Not only that, but, absolutely nothing makes you angry except your decision to be. It's not situations and circumstances that make us angry and stressed out. It's how we CHOOSE to react to those situations, that does. Life is about choices, not victimization and blame. We're going to repeat this again.. you have to change your own mind FIRST, and then your so-called "outside" situations will change accordingly. Your "outside" situations are a perfect reflection of your past and present "inner" situations. The inner and the outer are one and the same. There is absolutely no difference between the two. They are one and the same despite what our physical senses and brain are telling us.

Realize that without the drama loving ego/mind interfering, everything just IS. Nothing more, nothing less. Just IS. It's necessary to stop judging, condemning, labeling, placing non-existent irrelevant concepts onto things, and making something out of nothing. NONE of it is real. Everything just IS. There is no good or bad, despite what the mind believes. The universe doesn't need the approval of the human ego to tell it that it is, or is not, perfect.

"How do I find happiness?" you might ask. It's not to be found anywhere. You are ALREADY happy, complete, whole, perfect, and at complete peace when the mind and it's irrelevancies are out of the way, in this very moment, right now, always. It's not a matter of fighting anything. It's always a matter of letting go. Simply LET GO of everything that obscures "Just IS".

Proper nutrition will also help balance emotions because the brain does not exist separate from the rest of the body. If a person eats "foods" with no nutritional value, that will be a drain of energy on a person physically, mentally and emotionally because more energy and resources are required to process that harmful "nothingness" of a food, than what is gotten from it. If we were to build a house, we need all the proper supplies and tools to work with. The cells of the body and brain are no different. They need all the proper tools and supplies to do their job as well. Our emotional well-being can improve when we supply the cells with all the proper energy and resources (nutrients). I personally use (and sell) a product called FrequenSea with Phytoplankton and it has produced some excellent results for many people, but feel free to choose any of these others on this list of Superfoods, Supersupplements, and Recommended Products.

Letting Go
You might also wish to try prayer/meditation, but with only one request... "Please help." That's all. Nothing more. Just "help". This is called surrender. Ask for help and then give your very being, life, and thought processes to God, Buddha, Self, Life, Truth, Love, Selflessness, Nature, or whatever else you might want to call it. If you're truly sick and tired of your current state of existence, it shouldn't be too difficult to do this. Ask for help but don't expect anything specific to happen. Just let go. Results are not always instantaneous, and sometimes a person won't even notice any differences until much later when they reflect upon how life has changed.

But perhaps prayer/intention is what led you here in the first place. Perhaps you've already begun the practice of surrender.


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