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"Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action." - Gandhi

The reason prayer works is because, like "the law of attraction" teaches us, what is held in mind or focused upon, manifests. "What we think, we become" as Buddha said.

The prayers/meditations below are extremely powerful when practiced whole-heartedly. So powerful in fact that they brought me to the brink of Enlightnment (but I feared to follow through at the final moment, and that's another story). Long story short, these are prayers of duality, for non-duality.

Only when one sees the vast limitations of the intellect/brain/mind, that is based on seperateness...
Only when one learns of the automatic biological consequences (disease) of stressful negatives and selfishness...
Only when one sees the errors of their current way of being...
Only when one feels stuck, is tired of suffering, or has hit rock bottom...
Only when one is attracted to being kind, respectful, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving...
Only when one is curious about the true nature of reality, versus one's perceptions of it...
Only when one questions the validity of one's own thought processes, opinions, attitudes, and emotions...
Only when one contemplates if there is something more to the universe than the physical...
Will one finally surrender to that which is beyond a personal "me", "myself", "mine", or "I".

If you've reached any of those points, these prayers/meditations are yours to practice:

Please provide unwavering focus, concentration, and strength, my Lord.
Please give me undying faith and trust in you, my Lord.
Please help me see the perfection of absolutely everything, my Lord.
Please help me forgive all others, and myself, for absolutely everything.
Please help me overcome the emotions of the mind.
Please give me strength to overcome all wants of the mind and body.
Please give me utter peace of mind, my Lord.
Please make me totally whole and complete, my Lord.
Please spread your Love through me, to All.
Please use me to my utmost potential for the highest good of All.
Please use me as your instrument in whatever ways you see fit.
Please do as thy will with this mind, body, and spirit, my Lord.
Please guide me, every moment, every second, always.
Please do as thy will for the good of All, my Lord.
Please take over this life wholly and completely.
Please fill me and become me, utterly and completely, my Lord.
Please make me as pure and holy as you are, my Lord.
Please make me exactly as you are, my Lord.
I am yours for all Eternity, my Lord.

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