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Time - The Illusion
Sometimes people experience so-called co-incidences.
Synchronicity, co-incidences, and miracles are able to happen because the "past" has not yet gone.
The present affects the "past", and plays out Now.
The "past" is still present in the form of karma.
The "future" comes into existence according to what has been chosen in the "past", or according to what is being chosen this very moment, right Now.
The "past" is still playing out.
The "future" has not yet come.
Just Be… Now

When thoughts arise, things manifest physically (karma), and the world arises.
When thoughts disappear, nothing is manifested physically, and the world disappears.
Perhaps psychic readings come into "reality" because of the "reading".
Don't worry about the "past".
Don't worry about the "future".
What's done is done, so let it go.
What's to come will come, as an automatic consequence.
Those who have complete and utmost trust and faith in God/Universe/Life worry about nothing.
Only those who have complete trust, and allow life to unfold naturally in the Now, can experience synchronicity and miracles.
Absolutely everything you need in life is already yours, but only if you stop worrying about such things.
Just Be... Now.

Only that which is relative is subject to change.
That which is Absolute can have no such limitations.
The Absolute is not subject to divisions and limitations of past, present, and future.
The ever-present Now is actually a Timeless Foreverness beyond form and physicality.
The senses cannot perceive this.
The ego/mind/intellect cannot comprehend it.
One must be It to know It.
Let go of the ego/mind/intellect. Let it fall away.
Just Be... Now.

There is nothing whatsoever to gain or realize, for The Absolute already Is.
There is only the letting go of that which stands in the way.
No time. No thoughts. No-Mind.
Just Be... Now.

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